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Business Agility Lab + Whole Scale change

Join us for this (up to) 3 days intense dive to discover new tools and deepen the learning about the practices of Business Agility, Organizational Design, Leadership, and beyond-IT Transformations.

9-11 april 2021


Business Agility + Whole Scale Change

In the last couple of years the term “Business Agility” has started to appear.

Arguably, Agile has always been about business, so you may wonder, what’s the fuss about creating the new terminology?
On the other hand, one could argue that this term sets the framework and stresses the very need to take agility to all parts of the organization.

We believe: Yes, agility has always been about business. Yet there are a lot more practices and resources outside the agility world which relate in interesting ways, and that might be interesting to learn from and integrate with our work with clients. Thus, we would be more equipped to help them align their business with the requirements of their market and at the same time serve the needs of employees, partners and stakeholder alike.

In this event, we will provide a platform that will explore various practices and resources so that both leaders and coaches develop their own techniques by sharing and learning.

This is event has 2 parts, please check the detailed description below.

Who should attend

  • Executive Leaders interested in organizational transformation
  • Agile Coaches, Change Agents, and anyone interested to find out the next step

Part 1 – Whole Scale Change



09:30 – 18:00


Explore and learn how to design and facilitate large groups of people towards common objectives using Whole-Scale Change (WSC) methods.

Whether you use WSC in community and/or business settings, you’ll be able to engage large groups of stakeholders, leaders, executives and teams in decision making, problem solving and planning setting direction while tapping into collective genius. But wait, there’s more! WSC builds both head and heart ownership and commitment throughout the process – what we call sustainability.

You will learn:

  • The underlying principles, theories and models of Whole-Scale and Change
  • How to apply this thinking to the design and facilitation of workshops and meeting (engaging 50-500 people at one time) in decision making, problem solving and planning.
  • Gain proven tools and techniques to engage large groups.
  • Learn the secret sauce behind engaging the entire system (regardless of how big or small) in a way that builds ownership and head and heart commitment
  • Practice designing a WSC meeting or event
  • Apply WSC to a smorgasbord of topics ranging from strategy development and deployment, to structure and process redesign; to community planning, and accelerated problem solving.

Part 2 – Business Agility Lab



09:00 – 18:00




09:00 – 14:00


A new format based on Open space and deep learning, to help us go deepers on various aspects of business agility.

Where we will like to explore various practices and resources and help leaders and coaches both develop their own techniques by sharing and learning.

The venue

Online conference platform link will be sent to participants on confirmation.


Only 20 spots, you can book via eventbrite or if you want to do a payment via invoice please send a email to