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Portfolio/ Product Transformation

create a cross-feed for your inoovation and operations engines.
While working with Product/ Portfolio change or Business change in general, we always have to focus on Business Adaptability.
We understand a change initiative will impact all other areas, which is why we like to depict these in a form of Windrose to keep us aware one pettle will cascade the change in all other areas.


Keeping in mind any change happening in Business adaptability will directly impact Organizatinal culture.

This process helps you to create hypotesis and options to work on your portfolio and product(s) to get best out of them. 

Product/ Portfolio Transformation
Product Improvement

We will support your move to execution of changes and more to follow, meanwhile we support your portfolio and product teams to become mature and autonomos.


During the execution KPIs set for portfolio and our work are monitored in a iterative manner to be able to pivot with ease and adjust to new needs/ wants.


Goverance is estabilished and followed, to be able to tweak it as needed. Executive reporting and market reporting is encoded in the goverence to give maximum visibility.


And at the end of it all, you will have a adpative portfolio management which will not need any more transformations.

Let the Product and portfolio drive your transformation. 

With customer-centricity in mind, you can easily find the innovation needed to meet customer expectations, and bring products to market that delights your customers. To do that you have to strike a balance between operations and innovation to try to move right products to operations and keep innovation alive. 

First Few weeks of Portfolio Transformation

Product Portfolio Transformation

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