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Portfolio/ Product Transformation

We work with you to help you optimize the product portfolio. To put it in other words we help you get more bang for your buck.

Organisational Transformation

Shape and align your business to maximise its potential.

Versatile Academy

Any training course will give you the theory of improvement. Bur in Versatile academy will give you the latest and proven tools and practical experience of applying them

Versatile Leadership

Lead with Meaning.

We explore and use "LEVERS" in your organization to help solve Business needs/situations, some examples of  levers available in an organization are,


Shape and align your business for sustained growth. And better bottomline

portfolio & PRODUCTs

Innovate, Disrupt to put your business a step ahead and get more bang for your buck.


let's make your organization adaptive and flexible to adjust to market needs and help business

Leadership Development

Versatility, Situational, action-focused… great leadership drives growth.


Grow and engage professionals who lead and help others lead.


let's adapt to the VUCA world and beyond, let your organization Thrive.

VERSATILE will give you tools to solve business problem and accompany you in implementing those.


Versatile’s passion is helping clients achieve sustainable growth. We help you grow your products and services by developing your capacity to adapt and learn. With partners and collaborators in countries throughout Europe and Asia, Versatile cares about supporting clients to evolve and expand.


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KNOM Element Five, data through intuition and intuition through data: Part 6

KNOM Element Five, data through intuition and intuition through data: Part 6

The final part of the article series on KNOM Element Five discusses how consistent change can be instigated through knowledge. Element Five: Outcome & Data Insights is the lifeblood of the KNOM organization, aggregating and dissecting data into actionable insights. To avoid having data smelling like rubbish, the article suggests establishing beforehand the aims the data must generate insights towards and help to improve. The article explains the data pyramid and how data is a tool for enhancing intuition. Element Five: Outcome & Data Insights proceeds through all the levels of the pyramid in different categories. These six categories are the most commonly utilized: Capability Accounting, Goals Vs Results, Market Outlook & Changes, Governance Backlog & Accounting, Talent & Culture Backlog, and Finance Backlog.

KNOM Element Three, Producing Results Incrementally and Iteratively: Part 4

KNOM Element Three, Producing Results Incrementally and Iteratively: Part 4

With the Knowledge Network Operating Model (KNOM), you avoid the degradation of teams while harnessing the most important competitive advantage for an organisation: its people.

This article is part 3 in my KNOM series delving into Element 3, where plans turn into execution in radical new ways based on Way of Work principles, Whole Scale Change, and Dynamic Reteaming.

As J.R.D. Tata said: “The effective execution of a Plan is what counts and not mere planning on paper; it is not what we put on our plate or even what we eat that provides nourishment and growth, but what we digest.”

Versatile Academy

At Versatile, we believe in deep learning. Hence our Academy…

Any training will give you the theory of improvement.

But at Versatile Academy, will give you the latest and proven tools and practical experience of applying them

Business Transformation Coach

Organisation Design for Business Agility

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Management Innovation

Who is Caimito Tech?

Caimito Tech is a software-focused coaching practice with an unusually broad experience set.

What do they do?

Drawing on decades in both coaching and coding, with experience on two continents, Caimito Tech brings an emphasis on value creation for clients.

Why are they a Versatile partner?

Caimito Tech brings a strong 4-part process to team coaching: create understanding and awareness; build technical capabilities; embed collaboration; and discover new markets. At Versatile, we particularly appreciate the fact that Caimito Tech looks beyond the traditional faster-better-more goals to support clients in achieving genuinely high-performing teams.

Who is Inbody?

Inbody is a unique coaching practice based in Barcelona.

What do they do?

Inbody offer a dual approach, drawing on both coaching best practice and bodywork (combining coaching with NLP and therapeutic massage) to help individuals and corporate clients achieve wellbeing and improved performance.

Why are they a Versatile partner?

Inbody uses a genuine one-of-a-kind methodology that balances mind, body, and spirit to make a lasting difference. This fits well with Versatile’s own holistic leadership model that takes joint inspiration from the most modern business techniques and the ancient wisdom of India.

Who is Third Art?

Third Art is a collaborative union of coaches centred in Cologne, Germany.

What do they do?

Third Art are specialists in agile coaching, training and IT project management. The name comes from their focus on the three essential arts of the modern business world: creating awareness, defining goals, and travelling in the chosen direction.

Why are they a Versatile partner?

Versatile is partnered with Third Art because not only do they provide great coaching and training services, we share core values on what it means to support our clients. We have a shared focus on supporting sustainable growth rather than ‘quick fixes’ – the bottom line is: improvement that lasts.

Who is Procognita?

Procognita is a collaborative coaching and consultancy team based in Poland.

What do they do?

Focused on improving the way teams work on software development, Procognita uses the latest Agile and Lean coaching techniques to provide value to clients of all sizes, from startups to international corporations.

Why are they a Versatile partner?

Procognita brings an understanding of people to software development. The team understands that people are always the critical element in any project and are experienced in helping clients develop more productive (and Agile-friendly) organisational cultures as a foundation for sustainable change.




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